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I have seen this years ago and came upon it recently once more. The shop had 5 pcs of 4x5 underlayment in stock. More would arrive in 3 days, so not a problemo. I had some from batch 1 leftover and installed it, then installed a piece from the new batch next to it. This stuff retails for about $38 per sheet and the quality control is out to lunch. Here's batch 'a' stapled next to batch 'b'. From the stamps/markings it's obvious they were not the same run, let alone the same plant. It took 3 layers of Aquabar-b felt under the thinner batch to bring it almost up to the height (thickness) of the second batch. CD plywood has thickness tolerances closer than this. On top of that, the width was not the same. I have a piece here at the house that's a full 32nd over 4 feet wide. The difference in length was like 5' 3/8 on one batch and 4' 11 7/8 or 4' 11 15/16 the other........ I don't recall the exact amounts. How come no quality checks on this spendy underlayment? Surface quality is top notch. Size and thickness varies. I've seen this before, years ago.
Category: Flooring Post By: DIANE TORRES (Burlington, NC), 02/23/2019

When there is that type of difference in the height Hi , I use Tar parer . 30 lb to 15. is a perfect feather .

- CLAUDE TERRY (Killeen, TX), 04/27/2019

I'm referencing to the quality control or lack thereof. That's about twice the thickness of a business card. Halex want's you to sand the seam edges flat instead of using filler, which is what I do. That would be a heck of a lot of sanding. Even 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4 inch AC or CC plywood doesn't vary that much.

- JACOB GREENE (Rowlett, TX), 05/11/2019

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