Forum Title: what type of installtion is best for waterproof vinyls on wood subfloor?
Hello, We have done alotof research and it just gets more confusing. We have settled on Luxury vinyls as our choice but what type of installation method would give best waterproofing? We have heard that glued down method is the best bc it is tightly sealed and the glue adhesive would prevent water from seeping through the joints. But we have also heard that click vinyls would be better bc if water seeps through the joints, at least it would stay in the wood in between the clicks. Then we saw loose lay which would be a tight fit and appears to be comparable to the glue system (but less complicated than glue system). We will have it professionally installed. We want it to be waterproof bc sometimes we rent our homes out for a couple of years and we want protection from pets' urine. Knowing our goals, what is the best type of vunyl installation? We would narrow down and choose our choices base on installation method.
Category: Flooring Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Topeka, KS), 03/18/2019

I would go with Ceramic if you are going to rent it out .

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 05/04/2019

Seams are where vinyls leak. Just think how many seams you will have with vinyl plank. If you go with vinyl, I would use a sheet vinyl.

- LOUISE HUGHES (Springfield, IL), 05/13/2019

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